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May 26th, 2005

10:52 pm
hey whats going on. I got a few extra hours at work today and me and megan worked out our problems so we are now friends again. Nothing i said about us was true so please do not bring any of it up. I got my aunts pt crusier but my dad won't let me go anywhere he is an ass. When i get tags and insurance on my lincoln i will come and go as i please. It is pretty much a land yacht. Buit that is about all i have to say. PEACE OUT
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Jet - Look What You've Done

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May 24th, 2005

06:17 pm
hey everybody whats going on. The past few days have been great. I have done pretty much nothing at school except play rook, which i my favorite game in the world except strip poker and monopoly, and walk around the halls. I have been up to no good with my camera AGAIN. I have taken several unmentionable pictures. They are posted on www.lowlife632.friendpages.com. Kayla price now hates me because several people ended up seeing up her skirt. WHOOPTITY DOO i took a picture every one else pulled it up to expose her "goods". But oh well she will get over it. I might be going to central because my dad dosen't like my teachers and the way they do things. They are all asses and i hate them to except ousley, runyon, and coleman. There is someone that i am interested in and no joe you have no clue who it is, noone does except me. And until i change my mind it will stay that way. you can try to guess and i would like you all to post your guesses. After a while of getting rediculious remarks i will reveal this mystery person..... the only hint is that she is very beautiful... I get my aunts car for about a week because her, my mom, my uncle, and his kids are going to flordia to visit my grandfather and they are going in my uncles truck. It is a pt crusier for you that are curious. I am gonna hopefully get to go stay the summer with her in lexington after summer school. Yes i have to go to summer school for english and algebra it is very gay. Well i havea joke to tell before i come to a close and it goes like this........ What's the opposite of Christopher Reaves? Christopher walken.llllllllloooooooooollllllll
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: System of a down - byob

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May 21st, 2005

04:13 pm - last night
hey everybody lastnight i went to JCHS graduation and of course i took pictures. I knew alot of the people that were graduating. 45 of them as a matter of fact i just sat and counted all the ones that i knew that were listed in the program. Josh Bear didn't get to graduate because he failed english, robert spradlin didn't get to graduate, and jimmy salyers failed english so he didn't get to graduate either. I went with my cousin Mikey that was graduating. After about 2 and a half months of trying to figure out a way to meet i bumped into Cami i think i scared the piss out of her when i walked up behind her and ask how she was doin. but i now salute Joe yet want to slap him. She is very beautiful, more than her pictures. I ran into my ex and talked to her and her friends for a little while i got a picture with tony and took one of Issac. they along with a few others are on my site. www.lowlife63.friendpages.com. Well thats all i have to say except party on Garth
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: dashboard confessional - hands down

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May 18th, 2005

08:13 pm
CORRECTION GENEVA pushed whitney in as she JUMPED IN!
Current Music: same as b4

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07:28 pm
well today the freshman and sophmores went on their class picnic. Before we even got off the bus i pantsed tiffany ratliff. Then a little l8r Me, max, kayla, jennifer, ethan, matt, donald, alex, tyler, andrew, nate and brittany went and sit on the hill farthest from the teachers and parents. We were all sitting there and susan stood up and walked infront of me and then out of nowhere i reach up and grab the top of her shorts and pulled em' down past her knees and just so happens i pulled down panties and all. her ass was seen by everyone but i was the only one who saw her "junk" and i was like 6 inches away. she pulled her shorts up and her being as dim-witted as she is she managed not to pull her panties up and i saw her "junk" again. Then a little later nate and ethan climbed a tree and nate went like 50 ft up. Then we were joined by geneva and jenny. Geneva fell in the creek along with whitney. Jake wore genevas panties. we saw a little kid get stalked by some girls. ME, geneva, jenny, sarah, allison, hannah, and casey sang stupid songs on the ride back. I took a few pictures nothing major. If you would like to see them go to www.lowlife63.friendpages.com. BUt i had a good day except for one thing i got sunburnt.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Dashboard confessional - Hands down

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May 13th, 2005

04:03 pm - current events
Hey everyone whats up. Well as everyone prolly knows about joeseph and Cami.............Yes the secret is out now joe. It was ur fault. Me and brittany aggervated joe about camis entry and what he put in her guestbook on her site and some of the stuff that she put about him. It was so funny it was dramatic also. "Tears" were shed by me and brit. G got drunk and stole Emilys car and recked than ran from the cops. Now she has to get a new car. Brittany got grounded for just being there.....she wasn't drinking. Corey and Adam are running for student body Prez And Vice prez. Someone **cough** JD blake AND LANDON** COUGH*** riped all their flyers down. I drew some posters for them. I'm tired i got like 1 hr of sleep last night. I have a test over king arthur in english monday ~~~~~I WILL CHEAT~~~~!!! but other than that i have nothing else going on in life around me except a few crushes and dreams to be destroyed.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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May 3rd, 2005

08:40 pm
hey everybody whats up? Well im sitting here reading my friends livejournals and they all are talking about falling in love. Prom is this weekend and next weekend. Most of everyone is in an uproar, I'm not my plans for prom involve me and Little Ceasers. I have to work because most of the employees are going to prom. I dont know if it is because im single and cant find anyone or what but everyone is making me sick. I'm glad everyone is falling in love lust or whatever but it fucking sucks because i just get to watch. Well fuck it back to being depressed state again. Fuck y'all
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: 3 Days Grace - I hate everything about you

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April 29th, 2005

04:37 pm
i havent updated since sunday where i got bored and put on a bunch of quizes but this time i have something serious to say.........I am going to be a published writer. it is great the rest of the contest is next month where i find out if i win any money it is so fucking awesome, im so proud of myself. Something is great in my life. Any hot chicks wanna hook up with a writer just holla...........lol........joking.........but seriously
Current Mood: ecstaticIM GOING TO BE PUBLISHED
Current Music: Audioslave - Gasoline

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April 24th, 2005

10:44 pm

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10:42 pm
Your Hippie Dude Name is: Freedom

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